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Mariners Weigh. 

Dagmar St, Shaldon, Devon. TQ14 0DU.    01626-873698.


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We make the very popular REGATTA dinghies.

From a traditional local design, these dinghies are 12 foot long with built in buoyancy as one of a number of options.


They row easily, and are raced in the regatta !

They make idea tenders / family / rowing boats, and are stable and robust.

Phone for options / pricing.










Ridged rain covers now available.










The MW350 Dinghy, a very stable fishing  dinghy, takes up to 4 adults and a 5hp engine, great for either a family boat or a robust tender.



For a slightly smaller, but equally well made tender, then look at the MW Pram.


Takes up to 3 adults and a 3.3 hp engine, a stable smaller boat.


Also available, trailers, oars, covers etc.


Please phone for details.